Common Areas Where We Do Deliveries or From Which Customers Come to Visit Our Shop

Wet and Wyld Rentals is the preferred boat rental shop in Parker, AZ and also known and reputable in many surrounding areas. People are constantly calling us and asking if we do out-of-town deliveries. The answer is “Yes, we do!” This page is dedicated to the most common areas we do deliveries to. Check out the list below, and get in touch with us if you live in or are just visiting any of these areas and need to rent a run-boat.

Top 4 Areas:

  • Big River, CA
  • Bluewater, AZ
  • Bluewater, CA
  • Poston, AZ

You can just pay us a visit and get what you need; our shop is just a few minutes away from the river. If you want to contact an affordable water sports equipment rental provider that also does deliveries to many surrounding areas, we are most definitely your number one option in the local area.
You can find more detailed information about our boat rental service on this website’s Homepage. To learn more about our team and see why choosing us is the smart thing to do, visit our About Us section. You can also just call us at (928) 216-1391 and ask us any questions directly over the phone. Feel free to ask for the current rates, as they vary through time.